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Pieta House - Provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in Suicidal Distress and those who engage in Self-Harm.

Freecall  1800 247 247.

Simply text HELP to 51444.

RCC - Rape Crisis Center.  Service for women and men who have been raped, sexually assaulted, sexually harassed or sexually abused at any time in their lives.

Helpline  24-Hours: 1800 77 8888

Freecall 24-Hours: 116 123

Connect Counselling - free telephone counselling and support service for any adult who has experienced abuse, trauma or neglect in childhood.

Freecall: 1800 477 477

Aware - Supports people with Depression & Bipolar Disorder

One In Four Ireland 
Provides support and resources to people who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence.

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous Ireland

Gamblers Anonymous Home Page
Carmichael House North Brunswick St. Dublin 7. Republic of Ireland. Free of charge.

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