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Adult Psychotherapy Training: 

• MA in Clinical Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (adults) @DBS

• Post Grad Dipl Clinical Supervision @ TCD

• Higher Dipl in Counselling and Psychotherapy @ DBS

• Cert in Theories of 'Race' and Ethnicity @ TCD

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Training:

• MSc in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy@TCD
• Clinical Dipl in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy @ IICAPP
• Cert in Systemic Family Psychotherapy @ UCD

Ines has been working as a psychotherapist in private practice for over 14 years. She continuously engaged in further specialised training in order to provide best practice to all her clients.

Her training includes a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Studies (DBS, 2000-2002) 


and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (2004-2006) at Dublin Business School. This two year full-time programme included: Weekly infant observation and seminars, weekly psychriatic case conferences at St. Vincent's University Hospital, academic lectures, and clinical placements in adult psychiatry and South Inner City Primary Schools. Training placements (3-6 months) were at the Mater Misercordiae Hospital, Our Ladies Hospital Navan, the Maternity Hospital at Holles Street, the Mountown Neighbourhood Youth Project, and St. Audoen’s National School.


Additional training was completed in Systemic Family Psychotherapy (one year certificate, Mater Misercordiae University Hospital, 2007) and with a Training Workshop on Sexual Abuse (Rape Crisis Centre, 2006). 


In 2010 Ines completed a further Higher Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (DBS, 2008 - 2010), which introduced her to the humanistic tradition, current research in the neuroscience of trauma, as well as group work and academic research. 


With the aim to deepen her knowledge in the area of addiction she completed a one year Certificate in Addiction Studies, (NUI Maynooth, 2009 - 2010).  


Ines then commenced her studies with a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision at Trinity College (2010 – 2011).

In 2011 she wanted to continue her professional development in the area of working psychotherapeutically with young people and completed the MSc in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (child & adolescent strand) at Trinity College (2011-2013). This two year part-time MSc included academic lectures, seminars and conferences, weekly infant observation & infant observation seminars, ongoing personal analysis. This Master is a vital part of the four year post graduate training in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy. 

Psychotherapy Training Dublin

Considering the increasing number of international clients Ines did a Certificate in Theories on Race and Ethnicity at Trinity College (2013). This was a 10 week evening course. Locating race and ethnicity within social, economic, political and ideological relations.

Completing the MSc in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (child & adolescent strand) was a requirement to enter the 2 year Clinical Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at IICAPP (The Irish Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, 2013 - 2015). The clinical training included academic lectures, group supervision (clinical case presentations), clinical work with young people of different ages and gender, weekly individual supervision, and twice weekly personal analysis. Ines is a fully accredited member of IFCAPP.

Child & Adolescent Psyhotherapy
Adoption Counselling Psychotherapy Dublin
Adoption Counselling Psychotherapy Dublin
Adoption Counselling Psychotherapy Dublin

IAA Annual Conference                                                                     IAA, Dublin

“The Continuous Circle of Adoption”                                                Carton Hotel, Dublin Airport

Nov, 7th



Adoption & Adolescence                                                                   Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

Sept, 25th                                                                                           Avila Carmelite Centre



Developing Adoption Awareness at School                                    IAA, Dublin

May, 24th                                                                                            Terenure Enterprise Centre



Social Networking and Adoption                                                      Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

Dublin May, 15                                                                                    Avila Carmelite Centre,



Suicide and Self-Harm in Irish Youth:                                             The Psychological Society of Ireland, Dublin

The Whole Picture                                                                              UCD                         

May, 3th



Telling the Truth Workshop                                                               BAAF (British Association for Adoption&Fostering, Belfast

November, 22nd                                                                                 Botanic House



Exploring Adoption                                                                             Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

4 Session Course for adopted adults                                               Hilton Kilmainham Hotel

February/ March 2012


Themes addressed:


  • How was adoption discussed in your family. 
    Why tracing birth family members? Hopes and fears.

  • Questions about identity 'What characteristics did you inherit from your adoptive parents and birth parents. 

  • Reunion experiences. Hopes/fears/conflicts. 

  • Birth mothers 'What are your feelings towards her?'.

  • Birth fathers & birth siblings 


Parenting Support Moring                                                                Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

September, 28th                                                                                Hilton Kilmainham Hotel



Search and Reunion                                                                          Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

March, 3rd                                                                                          Hilton Kilmainham Hote



A Day with Dan Hughes                                                                     Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Belfast 

Caring for Children with early neglect and trauma       

February, 4th                                



Adoption and Attachment                                                                 Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

Issues for children and tips for parents                                          Hilton Kilmainham Hotel

Nov, 23th                                    



Holly Van Gulden                                                                                Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

Living with Challenging Behaviour                                                   Hilton Kilmainham Hotel

Practical Techniques for Adoptive Parents

Nov, 6th 



Talking about Adoption                                                                     Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

Oct, 19th                                                                                              Hilton Kilmainham Hotel



Annual conference of IAA                                                                 International Adoption Association, Dublin

October, 8                                                                                           Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport



“Adopted Teenagers and young adults -                                        Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

Feelings and Identity”                                                                       Hilton Kilmainham Hotel

May, 13th




The Adopted Child in School                                                            Post Adoption Centre, UK

Marie Delaney & Margie Bates                                                        5 Torriano Mews, London




The Different Parts of Me                                                                Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

April, 24                                                                                             Hilton Hotel, Dublin



Learning the Dance of Attachment                                                Barnardos Post Adoption Service, Dublin

Holly Van Gulden                                                                              Carlton Hotel

February, 7                                         



Seminar on Neuroscience and Childhood Trauma                      Confer, Dublin

Dr Margot Sunderland                                                                    Marino Conference Centre, 

May, 16                                                        


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