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What is Psychotherapy? 

Counselling & Psychotherapy can help with a wide range of emotional difficulties such as:


  • Anxiety / Panic attacks

  • Depression

  • Post Natal Depression

  • Pre-natal difficutlies 

  • Adoption / Fostering

  • Stress

  • Low self-esteem

  • Loss/ Bereavement

  • Feeling lost

  • Childhood traumas

  • Sexual abuse

  • Institutional abuse

  • Identity questions 

  • Sexual identity questions

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Work related stress such as bullying etc.

  • Separation/ marriage difficulties 

Youtube: Published on Jul 6, 2017, Irish Council for Psychotherapy

Why psychotherapy ? 

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy. Together with the psychotherapist you will explore the questions, concerns or difficult emotions you may have. You may attend for a short time to address pressing issues and leave when you feel you have resolved those issues. Or you may decide to continue on so you can explore your concerns in more depth. 


Psychotherapy makes use of the idea that how you feel and behave now may be influenced by past experiences and relationships. Most of the time we do not realise how past experiences have left their mark on us: On how we think, feel and behave. 


The presence of such past experiences possibly means that the practical advice of other people  or reading self-help books, although logical and rational, fails to provide relief. This is not because you do not understand the advice given but it is because there is something else at work - something else that keeps you repeating old patterns.  

Published on Jul 21, 2015, The School of Life

Having some psychotherapy is just about the most significant and interesting thing you could do to improve your chances of contentment - in relationships, at work, and with friends and family. 

Psychotherapy aims to explore all personal experiences, past and present, in a safe and confidential manner. Together with your therapist you will begin to make sense of your existing situation. This includes the feelings, thoughts, memories and behaviours that are brought about by the present situation. Some of those memories, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours may have affected your life negatively and perhaps make you feel lost, out of control, confused, helpless, hopeless, exhausted, anxious, sad, frustrated, angry and so forth. By exploring your experiences with a trained professional you will begin to gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to yourself and to other people and hence you can begin to figure out solutions. 


Psychotherapy can help you to gradually free yourself from old repetitive patterns. It can help you to find ways to deal better with the demands of adult life. In other words, the overall benefits of entering psychotherapy include: Making sense of your experiences, raised self-esteem, a more positive outlook on life, and improved relationships.

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